Since 1905


Considered one of the most beautiful examples of civil architecture in Marrakech, the Palais Soleiman is the masterpiece of the finest artisans from Fes and Marrakech, who worked for years on its construction and ornamentation.
With its finely chiseled domes, illuminated ceilings, walls adorned with multicolored zelliges (glazed tile mosaics) and lace-like stucco, and its dreamlike atmosphere, the Palais Soleiman offers visitors the opportunity to embark on a true journey through time and experience a complete cultural immersion.

Moroccan gastronomy

At the heart of this experience lies naturally Moroccan gastronomy, which is globally recognized as one of the most flavorful and generous cuisines in the world.

The tableware

The tableware is an essential component of Moroccan tradition. Fragrant, sensual, and colorful, Moroccan cuisine owes its subtlety to diverse influences, including Mesopotamian, Mediterranean, Berber, and Andalusian traditions.

Looking forward to welcoming you

Moroccan hospitality and courtesy towards its guests.

As soon as you step through the doors of Palais Soleiman, Moroccan hospitality and the warm welcome from our staff await you.