The Patio

Restaurant Room

A prestigious venue for unforgettable events

The Patio, a traditional inner courtyard transformed into a dream setting for prestigious events, boasts remarkable proportions and a decor that exudes magnificence. With its intricate zellige tiles, ornate stucco work, delicate columns, intricately carved wooden screens, fountain, and four splendid lounges, it offers the enchanting spectacle of a roof that can be opened at will to reveal the starry sky. What better setting for art than a place originally designed to celebrate beauty.

290 m²


250 personnes


400 personnes


Zellij Fassi, Lanternes en cuivre

An idyllic setting

An enchanting gastronomic experience

The arrangement of tables, attentive and seamless service, whether for two people, a small group, or hundreds, delights guests by creating a warm and friendly atmosphere where every detail is taken into account to provide a memorable experience.

The Classic Flavour

Discover Our Cuisine

Experience fine wines, the freshest seafood, the finest steaks and genuine service. Our menu includes aged USDA Prime steak, a range of the freshest seafood options, bespoke cocotails, premium beers, and an extensive selection of world-class wines.
Award-winning Wines

Premium wines of impeccable quality

All of our prime steaks and chops are dry-aged on-site and served by dedicated and knowledgeable staff with years of steakhouse experience. The setting is primed to impress: whether for a romantic dinner, a power lunch, a client dinner or a family celebration.